Funny Soulja Kid video

Soulja Kid from Penguin Island chat made this video.   Enjoy this funny thing! 

More videos on the way!



Youtube Videos

Hi Bubbles here!  The difference between KEcupcakes and this is i show youtube videos on this site.  So you will be watching more than reading.  Be prepared!

That is all for now.


I get seen at Dq’s party

Hi Bubbles here!   Here is another video showing Dq but featuring me!    There you will see my name Bubbles62681 😀  cool.

I will show more videos about people I know.

That is all for now


Dq gets interviewed

Here is a video showing Dq getting interviewed by this guy.  Let’s see what happens:

I will show more videos by people I know.

That is all for now


I am a new author to Greeno’s site

Me very happy!

Hello world!

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