Official Cast of Gary’s Wild Ride

Hi Bubbles here!  Here is the official cast of Gary’s Wild Ride.  We start filming Monday!  😀

GARY: Bubbles

ROOKIE: Leroy Jenkz 

JET PACK GUY: theartguy9 aka Big Chill 



RUBY: Etherax aka Emilylondon 

Jacques Hammer: Atm 23

G’s wife H: Plianwhitets aka Cca97

Eugene’s sidekick Steve: Bocaj429

Little Girl: Aloraz

Ticket Man: yoyo1400

Little Girl’s Mother: Pengbro2

Construction Worker: 8natacha

Congrats to everybody for your roles!  This will be so fun.  I will tell you the filming details this Monday.

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



New Pin

Hi Bubbles here!  The new pin is at the Coffee Shop.  It is the Toy Sailboat.

Get is now before it is gone August 13th!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 6

Hi Bubbles here!  Are you ready for the biggest challenge ever?  Here is chapter 6!

Chapter 6

            After much of anticipation, the Chocolate Island Competition was about to start.

            “We will compete in three matches with three people on each team.” explained Cca.  “The winner gets the pig and the goat while the loser goes over the volcano of death.” (scary music plays)

          “OK, replied Pengbro, who are your three?”

          Cca then multiplied as two other lava aliens that looked just like her came over.  “This is Bca and Dca.” She replied.  “Who is on your team?

         Before Pengbro chose, Weeblee reminded him to choose carefully and wisely.  Pengbro really wanted to save George and Weeblee so he had to do what he had to do.  Looking at all of his animal buddies, he chose Weeblee’s brother Porky to compete.

     “Yay me!” Porky chanted like he was London Tipton.  “I won’t let you down ice cream man.” 

      Pengbro’s next choice would determine it all.  He was about to choose Melinda when just then a little puppy came through a vortex.  Surprisingly enough, it was Pengbro’s pet dog Aloraz.  “I choose Aloraz.” Proclaimed Pengbro,

     Cooper, Melinda, and everybody else were disappointed as the three of them challenged the lava aliens.

    “Perfect!  Let’s start with our first challenge, the chocolate eating contest.” Replied Cca.

      The referee, Yfrog the Genie, called everybody down to the chocolate stadium.  Here, Porky and Bca would have to eat all the chocolate pies to see who would win.

     “Chocolate eating people ready, GO!” screamed Yfrog.

      The following eating contest can only be described as the messiest pie eating contest ever.  Porky kept on devouring every single pie.  Bca also was into eating.  Finally in the end, Porky was the most hungry as he won the first round.  Everybody on Porky’s side yelled and congratulated Porky as he burped the loudest burp ever.

      The second round was the chocolate slide relay.  The two people must slide to the finish line.  It would be Aloraz vs. Dca.

    “Chocolate sliding people ready, GO!” screamed Yfrog.

      The following chocolate sliding contest can only be described as the slowest and longest contest ever.  It took more than an hour.  In the end, Aloraz was too distracted with the yummy chocolate to see that Dca had won the second round.  Everybody on Dca’s side yelled and congratulated Dca as she threw up on Bca.

       So the last round would be the round to determine who would save Weeblee and George.  The last round was an ice cream scooping contest.

       Pengbro felt determined to win because ice cream scooping was his job.  However, he did not know that the 10 handed Cca has been scooping lava ice cream for 1,000 years.  In the end, Cca won as Pengbro felt defeat.

       “NO!” all the animals screamed as Cca did her victory dance.  Aloraz whimpered as she hid behind Pengbro.

      “Now time for my prize…..” Cca started as she looked over.  Sadly, Weeblee and George were not there.  The rope was just sitting there.  “Where did they go?” questioned Cca.

      Back at the evil cow’s tower, Angel’s magic GPS worked as the pig and goat duo got transported back here.

     “Not again!” whined George.

      Will Weeblee and George finally become the cow’s dinner?  Find out next time.

     Continued to Chapter 7…

That is all for now.  Chapter 7  next week!

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Newspaper 198 Events Finally!

Hi Bubbles here!  Finally after it being delayed, the newspaper is here!!!!

Club Penguin 198

Its the last chance for Penguin Tales!

Penguin Tales

Lastly, here are the events:

Newspaper 198 Events

The events are new color announced August 7th, new Penguin Style also August 7th, Gary has an idea to fix the underground pool and needs your help August 14th, and a new pin tomorrow.  So get the umbrella at the Boiler Room now before it is gone.

That is all for now. Only a new pin tomorrow!

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Gary’s Wild Ride Auditions!

Hi Bubbles here!  As you know, the first movie in my collection of movies called Club Penguin- Bubbles are a poppin is “Gary’s Wild Ride”  This movie will come out sometime in August so we need to have auditions now.

Here is a summary of the movie: We all know the famous secret agent and inventer Gary otherwise know as G.  He says he can conquer anything.  But when an evil scientist named Eugene attacks an amusment park, Gary’s secret is revealed- he is very afraid of roller coasters.  Will he conquer his fear before Eugene destroys all the rides forever??

As you know, a movie needs actors for all the parts.  So here are the characters:


Gary is the main character and I will be him.  Yay!!


ROOKIE: Leroy Jenkz

The clumzy agent is back!  The person acting as him must have the following:





JET PACK GUY: theartguy9 aka Big Chill

The mysterious agent without a real name is also back.  Here are somethings you might need for this character:








This is the big villain.  You must have the following:






The newspaper maker who will help out a lot.  Here are her things:





RUBY: Etherax aka Emilylondon

Ruby is the damsel in distress at the roller coaster.  Do you think you want to be her?  Here are her items:






Jacques Hammer: Atm 23

The famous detective is back!  This time he smells something fishy.  Things you will need:






Those are the main characters.  But we still need help from minor characters.

G’s wife H: Plianwhitets aka Cca97

Eugene’s sidekick Steve: Bocaj429

Little Girl: Aloraz

Ticket Man: yoyo1400

Little Girl’s Mother:

Construction Worker: 8natacha

These penguins don’t have special clothing except G’s wife must be dark blue too, Steve must look like Rookie except he has a blue propeller cap and blue sunglasses, the little girl must have a lollypop, ticket man must have the doorman outfit from Ruby and the Ruby, and the construction worker must have yellow hard hat and vest.

To try out, you must state your name, the part you want, and do you have experience in acting.  Then we will meet on clubpenguin and see if you are right for the part.

That is all for now.  This is exciting!!

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Proof that Aqua Wins!

Hi Bubbles here!  I have some before proof saying that Aqua already won.  Go to the newspaper and look at the picture this way:


If you look at it closely, the penguins are painting Aqua.  Not Lavender or Maroon, but Aqua!  Aqua rules!  Also, when you change the lime green penguin, the first color to come up is… Aqua! 

As you can see, the CP Team are already saying that Aqua won!  Awesome!!  😀

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


Name and Nickname changed

Hello people, and heard Greenos warning and changed my first and last name to undefined. *** ******<penguin name is now to theartguy9 again