School Shopping

Hi Bubbles here!  Today I went school shopping for new shoes, my clothes for Picture Day, and a new Mario Kart Wii T-Shirt from KOHLS!  I am wearing it right now lol.  So I am ready for the first day of school on Tuesday.  Speaking of school, check this video:

After that half day, I dont continue school till after Labor Day!  Sweet!!  :mrgreen:

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Snow and Sports, New Pin, and Fall Fair Updates!

Hi Bubbles here!  There are some awesome updates!  Let’s start with the Snow and Sports:

Snow and Sports

No cheats, but some cool football and cheerleading stuff.



Also, there are some cool furniture:

Sport Furniture

Here is the last page:

Lifeguard Backgrounds

Now there is a new pin!  It is the koi fish and you can find it at the cove!

Koi Pin

Get Fish

Lastly, there are some new Fall Fair updates.  Check out the new log in screen!

Fall Fair is coming

Puffle Circus?!  AWESOME!  :mrgreen:

There is also lots of boxes at the Lighthouse:

construction on fair

So many updates!  Awesome! 😀

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Newspaper 202

Hi Bubbles here!  There is a lot of events in todays newspaper!

Newspaper 202

Thats right!  The Fall Fair is coming September 4-13!  This is gonna be my first Fall Fair :mrgreen:

Fall Fair

Guess who is coming just in time? Rockhopper!!  :mrgreen:

Rcokhopper comes!

There are also other awesome events!

Newspaper 202 Events

The events are new Snow and Sports coming tomorrow, new Penguin Style September 4th, Penguin that Time Forgot return to the stage September 11th, and a new pin tomorrow.  So get the sandcastle at the mine now before it is gone!

That is all for now.  Snow and Sports and new pin tomorrow!

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The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 10: The Epic Battle

Hi Bubbles here!  It is the time you were waiting for.  The Random Plot of Weeblee’s last chapter is here!  Enjoy the surprising ending 😀

Chapter 10: The Epic Battle

            The heroes back at Chocolate Island were still celebrating their victory upon Cca and her minions.  Everything was peaceful as they all ate the rest of the chocolate.  Aloraz loved it a lot.

            Meanwhile, the evil villains had discovered their clever plan to finally defeat Weeblee and his pals.  Mateobeccar, Kelli, and Cca were the main creators of the plan.

            “Finally after hard work, we will finally eat our pig!” yelled Angel.

            “Here is the big plan.” replied Kelli.  “We will each fight an opponent that is worthy of us.  Angel will fight Weeblee, I will fight George, Mateobeccar the vampire will fight that annoying hobo Big Chill, Cca will fight Pengbro and his dog Aloraz, Benefactor will fight Weeblee’s brother Porky, Goodie will fight that bowling ball saleswoman Emily, Bca will fight Melinda the backstabbing cow, and Dca will fight that gutless Cooper the chicken.  Everybody got it?”

            All of the villains understood the plan as they would wait till the following day.  It was getting late and they had to reserve all their energy.

            The following day all the villains woke up with a revenge seeking vengeance.  They were ready to beat some good guy’s butts.  The good guys were tired after that big party last night.

            The villains hit everybody with a coconut as they woke up.  It was finally the battle that everybody even you were waiting for.  The real battle of everyone’s lives was coming.

            The showdowns started coming.  The first battle was between Cooper and Dca.  It was started from worst match up to best.  The lava alien shot its 10 arms as it was ready to hurt some roasted chicken.  Cooper stopped being gutless as he used his kung fu moves from Japan to destroy Dca forever.  Everyone was shocked as the heroes were already winning.

            The next battle was between Melinda the toast loving cow and Dca’s clone Bca.  Bca did exactly what Dca did except it had 11 arms.  Melinda got her toast and gave it to Bca.  It was allergic to toast as it became a puddle.

            The third was between Emily and Goodie.  Goodie and Emily decided a battle wasn’t necessary.  It would be a bowling tournament.  Goodie and Emily both had strikes for the whole game until a big round.  Goodie got a spare.  It was up to Emily to see who would win.  Emily went back a few steps and got a strike.  The whole heroes clapped as Goodie signed up for more bowling practice.

            The next battle was between Benefactor and Porky.  It was a question contest.  Benefactor asked what time is it while Porky asked where we are.  The first person to answer lost.  Porky asked who are you and Benefactor replied Benefactor.  Porky won and celebrated while eating chocolate cake.

            The next one was a big one.  Cca and Pengbro would have a rematch at the ice cream scooping contest from Chapter 6.  Cca still won but Aloraz started ripping her to threads.  Cca then gave up so Pengbro actually won.

            The last three were fought at the same.  Big Chill and Mateobeccar used their special powers as they fought in the sky.  Kelli and George had a big battle and so did Weeblee and Angel. It was a terrible sight to the three non fighting heroes on the mountain looking down.

            “What are they doing down there?” asked the helpful Perry the red puffle.

            “It looks like they are fighting for their lives. I am scared.” replied Natacha the little girl.

            “It is a sad day when people, animals, or things fight to the death.  I don’t like it one bit!” announced Yfrog the wise genie.

            “We have to do something before it’s too late!” yelled Natacha.

            The group of three made everyone fight again.  All the lava aliens came up and the cows came back as Chocolate Island became a huge fiasco.  Everybody (except the three wise heroes on top) were hurting each other for no reason.  This looked like the end of everyone.  Yfrog and Perry just sat there as they gave up.  Natacha however overcame her fear as she screamed at the top of her lungs “EVERYBODY QUIET!!!!”

            All the fighting ceased as everybody was surprised at the little girl.  Natacha then spoke.

            “Why are you all fighting?  This shouldn’t be!  Everybody in this beautiful Earth is supposed t be peaceful and kind to each other.  Let’s all follow this path as we all come in for a group hug and trust one another.  What do you say?”

            Everybody looked at one and other.  What would they do?  They decided to ignore the girl as they started beating the poop out of each other.  Natacha had enough as she got some rope and jumped.  She grabbed everybody including Yfrog and Perry as they were all tied up in a Chocolate Tree.

            “Are we going to be peaceful?” Natacha asked again.

            Everybody then chanted “We will always be peaceful and never harm a living thing again.”

            “Good!” replied the little girl as she came up to them and had a big hug.

            Just then, Weeblee’s farmer senses were tickling.  The farmer would be back from gambling is Las Vegas any minute.  Yfrog knew what to do as he zapped everybody to their rightful place.  Weeblee and his animals to the farm, Pengbro and Aloraz to the ice cream truck, Big Chill back to the spirit world, all the evil villains to jail, Emily to the bowling alley, Natacha to her house, and Perry to Club Penguin’s Pet Shop.

            Weeblee and his animal buddies were just sitting there as Bubbles the farmer came waddling in.  “Hey guys!  I am rich!!” he replied as he went into his house to count his money.  All the animals then danced like they always do as Pengbro had an ice cream celebration.   Everything was right in the world as Weeblee and George smiled and licked their chocolate ice cream cones.


I hoped you liked this story as much as I did.  The Random Plot of Weeblee: The Movie is coming in September!  🙂

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Happy77 Snow and Sports Interview

Hi Bubbles here!  Happy77 had an interview with the Snow and Sports workers.  Here it is:

How often do you make a new Snow & Sport catalog?
Four times a year. We started to put the months on the front of the catalog so you’ll see when the next issue is coming!

If there was a candy-eating sport, would any of you make the finals? What sort of outfit would you make for that?
We’d eat our weight in candy and more! In fact, here’s a sketch we just created that we think would be awesome to wear if there were a candy eating sport (We know there’s no candy eating sport. This outfit is not in the catalog – it’s just for fun!).

Candy Eating Costume

Aww man!  That outfit looks awesome!!  :mrgreen:

That is all for now.  New newspaper tomorrow!!

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Dancegal’s Real Birthday Today!

Hi Bubbles here!  My sister, Dancegal825, is having a birthday celebration so there will be cake and stuff.  I am so excited for cake!  :mrgreen:


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I did not Hack Zaeriuaschi!

hello everyone dancegal here,

and i just want to say i did not hack zaeriuaschi i woul never i dont even know how to hack. Please Zaeriuaschi dont be mad at me . . . so we did fight but me and bubbles apoligized and you should to for calling us names . . . . that is all.


dancegal can’t be out danced!!!