Chrisdog Party Pics

Hi Bubbles here!  Chrisdog93 (my buddy) had his awesome party today and I was there just like in Mimo’s party.  He posted his awesome pics and I was in three!  Yes, three!  Here are the awesome pictures:

Me at Chrisdog93's Party

In this picture, I am right at the bottom.  I am the penguin with sunstriker, whistle, black sunglasses, black penguin band hoodie, and light up shoes!  It is a perfect spot for me.

Look at bottom for me

Again, I am at the bottom.  I am right next to the ghost with gold viking helmet near the “CD SAY I!!!” quote.  Another perfect spot!

I am Dancing near plz talking person

In the last picture with me, I am dancing near the bottom again.  I am left of the guy saying “plz!!!”  All of the pictures I was in, I had perfect spots!

So another awesome party this weekend!  Sweet!  I am partied out now.    lol :mrgreen:

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



5 Responses

  1. Two awesome parties in one weekend! :mrgreen: Awesome! What parties did you go to?

  2. wow am i the first comment?!
    well anyways, can i be ur buddy so i can meet mimo or any other famous people? ur famous too

  3. hiya!
    its nacho and i jus wanna say hi and please reply!
    lol 🙂
    soz im weird lolololol!

    waddle on

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