You Decide Gnomes!

Hi Bubbles here!  There is gonna be a new play this November so Club Penguin needs your help on the Gnome outfit!  I like gnomes 🙂  Which outfit do you like?


I like the blue outfit since blue is my favorite color.  I can’t wait to be a gnome!!  :mrgreen:

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



Dojo constrution

Hi everyone pengie here the ninja lair is almost done  theres still tape and ladders, heres a picure


Halloween Sneak Peek

Hi Bubbles here!  The orange sky is gone, the scavenger hunt is done, and the ninja hideout is almost finished.  What else do we have?  Oh yeah!  The Halloween edition of the Penguin Style is this Friday and everybody is anxious to wear the new costumes.  Here is a sneak peek of what you will see:

Wizard Hat

Pretty cool, right?

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Hi Bubbles here!  Today I have an awful cold so I don’t feel so good. 😦  Maybe I will feel better tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


Clubpenguintv wordpress is delted!

Breaking news clubpenguinTV the blog owned by heatblast227 has been delted if you do not belive me check this picture out!

I think one reason was because they had over 10 authers and admins and didnt post any glitches or cheats only 30% of the time. Also there was some drama with them.

~pengie CPNG

Happy birthday jmann93

Hey i just made a card for jmann i hope he likes it today is his birthday!


Ever notice a smameri?

Hey evryone pengie here ever notice a samuri in the ninja pics?!

heres some of my proof


Look above the fire that the ninja has do you see a face?

Next we have a CP sneak peek with the samuri


This pic was from my site look on the white sneek peak i circled the samruri in red