New Silly Scarecrow Suit!

Hi Bubbles here!  There is a new free item!  Here is how to get it.  Sorry nons, but it’s only for members:

1. Click on the map

2. Go to the mine

3. Go in the Haunted House

4. Click the Silly Scarecrow Suit in the top right corner.

Scarecrow Free Item


Now you have the Silly Scarecrow Suit!

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Newspaper 211

Hi Bubbles here!  New newspaper today!  😀

Newspaper 211

The Halloween Party is here till Sunday November 1st!  Have fun with all the special highlights.

Newspaper 211 Halloween

Gary also has some tips for the Storm that is currently spreading in club penguin.  DO NOT BRING KITES OUTSIDE OR HIDE IN THE TREES AT THE FOREST!!!

Newspaper 211 Storm

Also, the first group of Halloween Igloo Contest Winners have been announced!  The second group will be shown next week.  Anyway, congrats to all the winners and runner ups!

Newspaper 211 Winners

Newspaper 211 Runner Ups

Lastly, here is this week’s events:

Newspaper 211 Events

The events are a New Stage Play in November, New Penguin Style on November 6th, Payday for Agents and Tour Guides on November 2nd, New Postcards on November 13th, and new pin November 6th.  So get the 4th Anniversary Cake Pin at the Boiler Room now before it is gone!

That is all for now.  Enjoy the Halloween Party while it lasts!  :mrgreen:

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Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Hey ghosts the halloween party is here! heres my guide.


Scavenger hunt guide

  Alright guys heres the scavenger hunt guide

The answers are

Lodge attic


Pet shop





Wow we made it through the hunt like last year we get a backround but its NEW pumkin backround!


Halloween Party 2009

Hi Bubbles here!  The Halloween Party is here a day early!  It has so many free items.  Here is how to get the pumpkin antennas:

1. Go to the Plaza

2. Click the free items box

Now you have the pumpkin antennas!


There is also a members Haunted House!

Halloween House

You can get a Pumpkin Head there!

Halloween Pumpkin

The Secret Lab from last year is back!  This time it is at the mine for members only.  There is a special monster catalog!

Halloween Costumes

So many rare items back 😀

Lastly, there is a scavenger hunt!  It is so easy XD

Halloween Candy

When you get all the candy, you can get a special new background!

Halloween Background

That is all for now.  Also watch movies and hear ghost stories at the best Halloween Party Ever!

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Coming Soon: Survivor Penguin Island

Hi Bubbles here!  After the Haunting of the Flaming Puffle airs, Bubbles are a poppin is doing something a little bit different.  The November movie will actually be a club penguin version of the famous CBS show Survivor.  I will be the host while many contestants compete for a coin code.  The object of the game is to win challenges with your tribe and not go to tribal council.  If you do lose a challenge, you must go to tribal council and vote out a tribe mate.  The remaining 9 people (or if one tribe loses most of its members) will be a merge where everything is individual immunity.  If you never saw this show, here is a link:

I will tell you the date where you can come and participate.  Other people will also come as I will open my iggy for them.

I have been watching Survivor for some time so expect some twists!

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Party Extended

Hi Bubbles here!  Club Penguin decided to extend the 4th Anniversary since of technical issues and penguins not being able to log in.  That is sweet!  We will have an extra day tomorrrow to party 😀


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4th Anniversary Party!

The 4th Anniversary Party is here!  Go to the Coffee Shop now to have the time of your life!  😀



Once you get there, you can have all the cake you want!


Here is how to get the 4th Anniversary Hat:

1. Go in the Coffee Shop

2. Click the flying pianta two times


Now you have the 4th Anniversay Hat!

Bubbles 1

You can also look at the new 2008-2009 Yearbook!  It’s the first year that I actually in 🙂


That is all for now.  This party is a blast!

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