Blue Gnome Wins!

Hi Bubbles here!  My favorite gnome won!  Power to the blue 😀

Blue Gnome

We will see my favorite gnome in the new play this November!  I can’t wait 😀

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



Newspaper 207

Hi Bubbles here!  Check out the newspaper!

Newspaper 207

New Halloween edition of Penguin Style tomorrow! 


Also, there is a fortune cookie and Squidzoid returns with new monster, new effects, and new script!

Fortune and play

Lastly, here are the other events:

New awesome events

The events are Squidzoid returns October 9th, new furniture catalog October 16th, new postcards October 9th, Halloween Penguin Style tomorrow, and new pin October 9th.  So get the padlock pin at the book room now before it is gone!

That is all for now.  New Halloween Penguin Style tomorrow!!! 😀

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


New penguin times!

Sup pengie here hers some new news and events in CP!


Also check this out look at sensies fortune cookie’s fortune


Awesome right? Save up your coins because cotumes tomarrow!


Halloween item spoiler

Hey everyone so iwas reading the news and saw something tottaly new but looks like something else.

Well in page 1 of penguin times theres a wizard if youve gotten a wizard hat look at it you see moons and stars well this wizard has snowflakes!

Wow will this be a new costume? I hope the black cape come back i needed 50 coins to get it the first time and missed it. Im so ecited for tomarrow also like my orange black circles XP