4th Anniversary Picture

Hi Bubbles here!  The 4th Anniversary of Club Penguin is getting close and Club Penguin is eagerly getting ready.  Here is a picture to boost your spirits!  😀

picture thing

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Treasure Book Series 5 Cheats I Missed

Hi Bubbles here!  It appears I missed some cheats on the treasure book last post so here they are:

1. Go to the second page

2. Click the trees in the background!

Now you have the Firestriker, Orange Sneakers, Orange Music Note Shirt, Black Sunglasses, and Spikey Wristbands!


1. Go to the fourth page

2. Click the fish

Now you have the Faery Costume!



1. Go to the sixth page

2. Click the top right snowflake on the first half of the page

Now you have the Reindeer Antlers, Elf Suit, and the Elf Shoes!Cheatsss

I think I got them all.  See ya!

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Treasure Book Series 5

Hi Bubbles here!  Nobody has posted this yet, but I found out Treasure Book Series 5 is out!  Here is what it looks like:

Treasure Book 5

Treasure Book 5 Page 1

Treasure Book 5 Page 2

Treasure Book 5 Page 3

Treasure Book Page 4

Treasure Book Page 5

Treasure Book Page 6

Treasure Book Page 7

Treasure Book Page 8

Treasure Book Money

It has so many old favorites with some cool new features like the white puffle!  😀

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