Party Extended

Hi Bubbles here!  Club Penguin decided to extend the 4th Anniversary since of technical issues and penguins not being able to log in.  That is sweet!  We will have an extra day tomorrrow to party 😀


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4th Anniversary Party!

The 4th Anniversary Party is here!  Go to the Coffee Shop now to have the time of your life!  😀



Once you get there, you can have all the cake you want!


Here is how to get the 4th Anniversary Hat:

1. Go in the Coffee Shop

2. Click the flying pianta two times


Now you have the 4th Anniversay Hat!

Bubbles 1

You can also look at the new 2008-2009 Yearbook!  It’s the first year that I actually in 🙂


That is all for now.  This party is a blast!

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Changing Site Around

Hi Bubbles here!  After hearing how my site is a disaster, I have decided to do a few changes.  I have deleted all the authors who do nothing and one author (Pengie) who is just annoying.  I am doing this alone with some help from Dancegal my sister.  I just think I have to turn this site into a whole different direction if I want more viewers and hits.  Nobody is probably even reading this 😦  Anyway if anybody cares, I will be giving out coin codes tomorrow 🙂

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