Coming Soon: Survivor Penguin Island

Hi Bubbles here!  After the Haunting of the Flaming Puffle airs, Bubbles are a poppin is doing something a little bit different.  The November movie will actually be a club penguin version of the famous CBS show Survivor.  I will be the host while many contestants compete for a coin code.  The object of the game is to win challenges with your tribe and not go to tribal council.  If you do lose a challenge, you must go to tribal council and vote out a tribe mate.  The remaining 9 people (or if one tribe loses most of its members) will be a merge where everything is individual immunity.  If you never saw this show, here is a link:

I will tell you the date where you can come and participate.  Other people will also come as I will open my iggy for them.

I have been watching Survivor for some time so expect some twists!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!