Newspaper 211

Hi Bubbles here!  New newspaper today!  😀

Newspaper 211

The Halloween Party is here till Sunday November 1st!  Have fun with all the special highlights.

Newspaper 211 Halloween

Gary also has some tips for the Storm that is currently spreading in club penguin.  DO NOT BRING KITES OUTSIDE OR HIDE IN THE TREES AT THE FOREST!!!

Newspaper 211 Storm

Also, the first group of Halloween Igloo Contest Winners have been announced!  The second group will be shown next week.  Anyway, congrats to all the winners and runner ups!

Newspaper 211 Winners

Newspaper 211 Runner Ups

Lastly, here is this week’s events:

Newspaper 211 Events

The events are a New Stage Play in November, New Penguin Style on November 6th, Payday for Agents and Tour Guides on November 2nd, New Postcards on November 13th, and new pin November 6th.  So get the 4th Anniversary Cake Pin at the Boiler Room now before it is gone!

That is all for now.  Enjoy the Halloween Party while it lasts!  :mrgreen:

Bubbles can’t be popped!!