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Not Posting in a while..

Hi Bubbles here!  As you can see for the past two weeks, I have been a little late on the upcoming stuff.  This is because I have been busy with my life and I don’t have time to post stuff.  So I won’t post stuff unless it’s something big like the Christmas Party or whatever.  Right now I am gonna enjoy the events instead of posting them.  I hope you understand.  🙂

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Official Card Jitsu Fire Date!

Hi Bubbles here!  Card Jitsu Fire (the new Ninja game everyone has been working on) will finally come November 24th!  It is going to be big as we will use hot sause.  Lots and Lots of Hot Sause!

I am so excited for November 24th!  :mrgreen:

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Great Snow Maze Sneak Peek

Hi Bubbles here!  The Great Snow Maze coming November 27th is going to be awesome!   It will be in the Ski Village for Members Only.  Here is a sneak peek of it.

Looks pretty cool.  Any theories on what we will do?

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Awesome New Stuff!!

Hi Bubbles here!  Sorry I haven’t posted.  I have been busy with all the Survivor things.  I loved Russell on Thursday. Two Idols! 😀  Anyway, you probably know about the newspaper:

Newspaper 213

Yes the Dojo looks sweet!!  :mrgreen:

Construction Fire

If you go to the Ninja Hideout, you will be able to finally get your Ninja Amulet!


Then you can go to the Fire Dojo by clicking the fire sign.  The door will pop up :O

Fire Entrance

Then you can work on the Fire Dojo Construction.

Fire Dojo

There is also a new play!!


The catalog has so many bug costumes plus the famous gnome costume we chose!

New Play

There is also a new pin!  You have to stand on the X’s with 4 people (one has to be a bug) and then you can go into the secret room.  You do this again in the secret room so the treasure chest can open the cure!

Magic Phial Pin

 Next, Here is something nobody cares about: New Postcards!


There is also going to be a new member event.  It’s called the Great Snow Maze which will start November 27th.


Lastly, there are some newer events coming.

New Events =)

New Better Igloos, New Igloo Upgrades, and New Pin will come November 20th.   Awesome! 🙂

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My Birthday!

Hi Bubbles here!  Everybody say Happy Birthday to me!  Yes I was born on Veterans Day in November 11, 1995.  I am 14 at 9:00 pm est and I can’t wait.  This is exciting!  😀


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New Room Sneak Peek

Hi Bubbles here!  The Club Penguin Team has giving us a Ninja Room Sneak Peek.  It looks epic!

New Ninja Room

A stadium of some sort.  Interesting 🙂

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