A Fun “Musical” Friday

Hi Bubbles here!  I am here to give you some of Club Penguin’s new updates.  First the Cave is closed 😦

Aww well…  In other news, the newspaper was wrong!  They said our next pin was on Feb.12th, but there is a new one today!!!  It is at the Pet Shop.

You just got the Speaker Pin!  A speaker in the pet shop?  Weird…

Speaking of music, there is new igloo music in your iggy!

The new songs are:

Puffle Party

Orca Straw

Float in the Clouds

Planet Y

My favorite is Puffle Party.  That is my Jam!!!  Puffle Party hmmm…..

Lastly, the Night Club hasn’t expierenced a random mission like Chrisdog93 or Mim0777 thought.  It wasn’t the Dance-A-Thon that I thought either.  It’s an UPDATE?!

That’s right!  No special event at all.  Instead, the more people that dance, the more things happen like a disco ball and lights.  I aslo heard that if there is more penguins who dance have a certain color, it will turn that color.  Cool!

In the end, it’s pretty musical today!  As that fish with the lips said in the Spongebob episode “Karate Island” : DANCE SQUIRREL DANCE!!! 😆

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New Events (Finally!)

Hi Bubbles here!  The Newspapers this month have been quite boring lately.  However, this one is 1000 times better (compared to the other newspapers it may not be much)  Here is Newspaper 224:

The Cave is closing…FOR NOW!!  Rory says he will reopen it next month when it will be safer!  😀

Also, Club Penguin will update the Puffle Catalog with new furniture on Feb.12th.  Why now?  Could it be for the new puffle or the Puffle Party?  Only time will tell..

There will also be a new mysterious play at the stage soon.  We are being sent to the jungle!!!  Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!!  LOL 😆

Lastly, here are the other upcoming events:

January 29th

Caves Closed (For Now)

New Igloo Music (From last newspaper)

Some Night Club Event (What’s New Blog)

February 5th

New Penguin Style Catalog

February 12th

New Puffle Furniture

New Jungle Play

New Pin

That is all for now.  I am posting better 🙂

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Cave Ending and Night Club Event?!

Hi Bubbles here!  The Club Penguin Team is happy that all you penguins are having a lot of fun in the Cave Expedition.  However, Rory is going to close it this Thursday since it appears “unsafe”.  Whatever that means.  So members, go check out the Underwater Room if you didn’t do so yet!  It is cool!!

In other news, Club Penguin says that you should bring all your friends this Friday to the Night Club.  Apparently, they have another event coming.  Could it be another Dance-A-Thon, the member only party from last year?

I guess we will find out on Friday!  Stay tune for more updates!!

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Cave Expedition Cheats!

Hi Bubbles here!  The Cave Expedition is here.  Here are all the cheats:

First go to the town where you will find this poster:

Click “Go There!” where you will be sent to the mine.  There you will find the first free item, the Hard Hat.  It returned from the Dig out of the Dojo 😦

Now it is time to start the expedition!  Go to the tunnel next to this sign:

When you go in, you will find this:

In here, you will need to dig all the 4 pieces of the new purple gem pin. 

Once you find the pin, you can wear it 🙂

This will open the next room which has a cool lake.

Here you will find a new diving suit for members.  It is only 50 coins!

Then if you are a member, you can go through the gate which will send you officially underwater!!  AWESOME 😆

There you will find a free background.  It looks underwater-like lol 😀

This is a great event!  Since there was no water party last year, I hope this pays up for it.  Remember, Rory might close this the 28th.  So go there before that happens!

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New Cave Expedition Tomorrow!

Hi Bubbles here!  We have heard about these mine secrets and have seen rocks pile up at the mine.  Finally we know what we are doing tomorrow!  We are going on a Cave Expedition:


This adventure through the tunnels will get tough so you better bring the following:

1. A Mining Helmet (Members can get the yellow in the catalog while non-members could either of gotten the red one or the orange one)

2. A Flashlight (Like in the Haunting of Viking Opera)

3. A Safety Vest (This is optional for any member or treasure book loving non-member who wants to cover themself)

4. Safety Goggles (You want to cover your eyes so any nightvision goggles or sunglasses will do)

5. Friends (It might be scary going alone so at least go with people you know)

If you follow these steps you should be ok.   Rory the Costruction Worker says it might be unsafe so he will close it on Jan. 28th for further inspection.

That is all for now!  Be Prepared!

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New Mine Event Friday!

Hi Bubbles here!  Club Penguin is finally going to open the mine and they say it’s going to be a big event like never before.  Here is a sneak peek:

I have absolutely no idea what this is but it will come Friday and continue throughout the weekend.  We will just have to wait and see…

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Hi Bubbles here!  I have been busy all this month basically so that’s why I haven’t been posting.  There is nothing new on club penguin besides the better igloos, igloo upgrades and the new pin so nothing really fun 😦  Here is where the pin is:

I will try my best this year on posting but no promises.

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