New Cave Expedition Tomorrow!

Hi Bubbles here!  We have heard about these mine secrets and have seen rocks pile up at the mine.  Finally we know what we are doing tomorrow!  We are going on a Cave Expedition:


This adventure through the tunnels will get tough so you better bring the following:

1. A Mining Helmet (Members can get the yellow in the catalog while non-members could either of gotten the red one or the orange one)

2. A Flashlight (Like in the Haunting of Viking Opera)

3. A Safety Vest (This is optional for any member or treasure book loving non-member who wants to cover themself)

4. Safety Goggles (You want to cover your eyes so any nightvision goggles or sunglasses will do)

5. Friends (It might be scary going alone so at least go with people you know)

If you follow these steps you should be ok.   Rory the Costruction Worker says it might be unsafe so he will close it on Jan. 28th for further inspection.

That is all for now!  Be Prepared!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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