Cave Expedition Cheats!

Hi Bubbles here!  The Cave Expedition is here.  Here are all the cheats:

First go to the town where you will find this poster:

Click “Go There!” where you will be sent to the mine.  There you will find the first free item, the Hard Hat.  It returned from the Dig out of the Dojo 😦

Now it is time to start the expedition!  Go to the tunnel next to this sign:

When you go in, you will find this:

In here, you will need to dig all the 4 pieces of the new purple gem pin. 

Once you find the pin, you can wear it 🙂

This will open the next room which has a cool lake.

Here you will find a new diving suit for members.  It is only 50 coins!

Then if you are a member, you can go through the gate which will send you officially underwater!!  AWESOME 😆

There you will find a free background.  It looks underwater-like lol 😀

This is a great event!  Since there was no water party last year, I hope this pays up for it.  Remember, Rory might close this the 28th.  So go there before that happens!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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