A Fun “Musical” Friday

Hi Bubbles here!  I am here to give you some of Club Penguin’s new updates.  First the Cave is closed 😦

Aww well…  In other news, the newspaper was wrong!  They said our next pin was on Feb.12th, but there is a new one today!!!  It is at the Pet Shop.

You just got the Speaker Pin!  A speaker in the pet shop?  Weird…

Speaking of music, there is new igloo music in your iggy!

The new songs are:

Puffle Party

Orca Straw

Float in the Clouds

Planet Y

My favorite is Puffle Party.  That is my Jam!!!  Puffle Party hmmm…..

Lastly, the Night Club hasn’t expierenced a random mission like Chrisdog93 or Mim0777 thought.  It wasn’t the Dance-A-Thon that I thought either.  It’s an UPDATE?!

That’s right!  No special event at all.  Instead, the more people that dance, the more things happen like a disco ball and lights.  I aslo heard that if there is more penguins who dance have a certain color, it will turn that color.  Cool!

In the end, it’s pretty musical today!  As that fish with the lips said in the Spongebob episode “Karate Island” : DANCE SQUIRREL DANCE!!! 😆

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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