New Events (Finally!)

Hi Bubbles here!  The Newspapers this month have been quite boring lately.  However, this one is 1000 times better (compared to the other newspapers it may not be much)  Here is Newspaper 224:

The Cave is closing…FOR NOW!!  Rory says he will reopen it next month when it will be safer!  😀

Also, Club Penguin will update the Puffle Catalog with new furniture on Feb.12th.  Why now?  Could it be for the new puffle or the Puffle Party?  Only time will tell..

There will also be a new mysterious play at the stage soon.  We are being sent to the jungle!!!  Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!!  LOL 😆

Lastly, here are the other upcoming events:

January 29th

Caves Closed (For Now)

New Igloo Music (From last newspaper)

Some Night Club Event (What’s New Blog)

February 5th

New Penguin Style Catalog

February 12th

New Puffle Furniture

New Jungle Play

New Pin

That is all for now.  I am posting better 🙂

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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