New Snow and Sports???? More like OLD SNOW AND SPORTS!!

Hi Bubbles here!  I went to check out the new catalog and this is what i saw:

If you look inside, it is the same catalog from last year!  Baseball, Tennis, Swimming and Rockclimbing.  Same thing that I remember.  Same cheats.  Whatever…I was expecting at least one new item!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



New Igloo Music!

Hi Bubbles here!  There is even new igloo music for your iggy!  Here is the list:

The new songs are Jungle Quest, The Bamboo Forest, Flipper Jig, and Bonus Level!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


New Wagon Pin

Hi Bubbles here!  There is a new pin at the Ski Lodge in the form of a wagon (probably to go with the Orange Puffle’s toy)  Get it now!

That is all for now.  Why are you reading this?  Go get the new pin!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


Orange Puffle Now Available!

Hi Bubbles here!  The orange puffle is out and it is awesome!  I named mine Bucktooth (for obvious reasons).  Get it now at the Pet Shop!

It drools, eats a lot, dances in a hula hoop, and plays with a box and a wagon!   Awesome!  :mrgreen:

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Rockhopper in Telescope, Snow and Sports, and Early Surprise on Thursday.

Hi Bubbles here!  Rockhopper has recently been seen through the telescope!  Here is a picture:

Why do you think he is here now?  Hmm…  Well it looks like he will probably be here Friday (used to be Friday, now is Early Thursday),  just in time for some other events like a New Snow and Sports!

The Snow and Sports Catalog doesn’t get updated that much so yeah.  It will finally be updated!  We will finally say goodbye to Hockey (for now)  There is also another thing coming early on Thursday. A Puffletastic surprise??

That’s right!  We will finally get those crazy orange puffles that are roaming the island!  Sweet 😀

That is all for now.  Yeah, it really is the end of the post so….here’s my slogan!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


New Series 4 Orange Puffle

Hi Bubbles here!  After finding Orange Puffles all over the island, Club Penguin is making Series 4 Puffle Toys.  Here is a sneak peek of the newest edition:

That’s right!  An Orange Puffle Toy!  I think I may get it 😀

Here is where we found the orange puffle so far:

1. The Color Orange on the Puffle Party Banner

2. Puffle Video

3. Box Dimension

4. Ski Lodge

5. Ski Lift

6. Series 4 Toys

The list will be updated later.

Bubbles can’t be popped!!


2012 Sneak Peek!

Hey Penguins!! Here’s a sneak peek of the new book 2012!!

Beginning of a Chapter:

 Jacob woke up after the tornado shook up the city.He looked around for Elizabeth and Jonathan. It took a minute to regain his focus instead of the blackness in his eyes. Then, out of the blue a car came tumbling on Jacob. He got up quickly and ran. OH GOD,OH GOD!! , he thought.

Not giving you anymore text by the way. HEHEHE.LOL,ROFL,ROFLMAO, ETC. ETC. Big Chill2