Club Penguin Times Issue 225: Puffle Party

Hi Bubbles here!  The new newspaper is here and it has to do with more puffles!!

The Puffle Party 2010 will be held from February 19-25 this year and it’s going to be a blast!


****Notice that  the letters in Puffle Party have all the puffle colors plus orange, brown, and magenta!!  Hmmm…..

Also, the new jungle play, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest is coming February 12th and it is going to be similar to The Quest of the Golden Puffle.  Instead of King Ra Ra and a Golden Puffle, it’s going to be the Monkey King and the Golden Feather.  Awesome!! 

The Fun Fact today comes from Aunt Arctic.  This is what she had to say:

No I did not know that!  😆

Lastly, here are the rest of the events.

February 5th:

New Penguin Style (Last Newspaper)

February 12th:

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest at the Stage

New Puffle Furniture

New Pin

February 19th:

Puffle Party 2010

New Igloo Furniture

That is all for now!  Can’t wait for the new clothing at the Penguin Style tomorrow!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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