Rockhopper in Telescope, Snow and Sports, and Early Surprise on Thursday.

Hi Bubbles here!  Rockhopper has recently been seen through the telescope!  Here is a picture:

Why do you think he is here now?  Hmm…  Well it looks like he will probably be here Friday (used to be Friday, now is Early Thursday),  just in time for some other events like a New Snow and Sports!

The Snow and Sports Catalog doesn’t get updated that much so yeah.  It will finally be updated!  We will finally say goodbye to Hockey (for now)  There is also another thing coming early on Thursday. A Puffletastic surprise??

That’s right!  We will finally get those crazy orange puffles that are roaming the island!  Sweet 😀

That is all for now.  Yeah, it really is the end of the post so….here’s my slogan!

Bubbles can’t be popped!!



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