Club Penguin and Pandanda Updates

Hi Bubbles here!  It’s been a while hasn’t it?  Anyway, I would like to update this site a little so here we go.  First for Pandanda, today was Free Elite Day.  It rocked 🙂 

Next on Club Penguin, there is a new Mission Sneak Peek.  Here it is:

Herbert will be back in Mission 11 at the end of this month.  Finally!!  Also, the new DS Game, Herbert’s Revenge, is also coming out in May.  Here are a few sneak peeks:

I can’t wait till it comes out 😀

Lastly, Club Penguin had another poll and it looks like the Squid Lid won..

It looks weird…just like me :mrgreen:

So those are some of the updates.  Medieval Party is also coming back this year 😀

Bubbles can’t be popped!!