About Bubbles

I am Bubbles. I love having fun and doing wacky stuff. It is so cool. So here is a picture of me:

Awesome! So here is some info:

Name: Bubbles

Gender: Male

Club Penguin Age: 493 as of February 12, 2010

Favorite sites: Club Penguin and Pandanda

Favorite Club Penguin Server: Mammoth (Sasquatch is the server where I film my movies)

Facts: I like pie, I like going barefoot, and I like the colors blue, orange, and aqua.

What kind of parties: Weekend Parties rock!

Slogan: Bubbles can’t be popped!

Enjoy everything Bubbles62681’s Sloganville has to offer!!


3 Responses

  1. Bubbles rules! lol :mrgreen:

  2. Cool! lol i like when u put parties: weekend parties, hahah

  3. Hey i wonder if you will team up with me with the site i a have a to


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