About Dancegal825

Hi I am Bubbles sis. I am a girl and I am always a day old before Bubbles. My favorite game is Dance Contest. I like to party like my big brother. Club Penguin rules! I also go on Pandanda. My slogan is Dancegal can’t be out danced!!

Dancegal Random Picture


7 Responses

  1. ROFL Joey is joy.

  2. Hi I am Emilylondon!
    I am a female penguin and my penguin is some 900 days old. I hate hackers to! * Hi fives Cca* My favorite game on Club Penguin is Cart surfing because you earn a lot of coins from it. I have tried for every newspaper to get some poetry or an article put it but no luck 😦
    My slogan is Emilylondon: *The* master of randomness!

  3. You see the penguin files ARE useful! 😀

  4. Im from club penguin chillers too!

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