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Since bubbles stopped ill star posting



Scavenger Hunt Cheats

Hey ghosts the halloween party is here! heres my guide.


Scavenger hunt guide

  Alright guys heres the scavenger hunt guide

The answers are

Lodge attic


Pet shop





Wow we made it through the hunt like last year we get a backround but its NEW pumkin backround!


Will grey be a color or not?

Hey guys theres a lot of comotion about the color grey and stuff. This is what clubpenguin said about the color: It’s not a new penguin color… but we do put the clothes on grey penguins for a reason. Grey is neutral – which means it doesn’t look strange next to a different color. If we were to use a yellow or dark blue penguin all the time when we designed clothes, we might end up making a lot of clothing items that look really good on yellow or dark blue penguins, but nothing else! Using a grey penguin gives us the best chance of creating clothing items with colors that work on all penguins.
True it goes good with everything like black and white


Heres items on my spare acountas you see it looks good nothing will look bad on the item, XD just like beta hat and red lei.

Check out the CP volcano

Hey evryone check out the cp volcano its on fire and bad!


Hmm wonder what it means


New penguin times!

Sup pengie here hers some new news and events in CP!


Also check this out look at sensies fortune cookie’s fortune


Awesome right? Save up your coins because cotumes tomarrow!


Halloween item spoiler

Hey everyone so iwas reading the news and saw something tottaly new but looks like something else.

Well in page 1 of penguin times theres a wizard if youve gotten a wizard hat look at it you see moons and stars well this wizard has snowflakes!

Wow will this be a new costume? I hope the black cape come back i needed 50 coins to get it the first time and missed it. Im so ecited for tomarrow also like my orange black circles XP


Dojo constrution

Hi everyone pengie here the ninja lair is almost done  theres still tape and ladders, heres a picure