The Random Plot of Weeblee Chapter 9

Hi Bubbles here!  Here is the next chapter in my excited story.  Enjoy!

Chapter 9

            The next morning, Big Chill woke up having a peaceful sleep.  The other three were still sleeping from that big fight last night.  Big Chill carried Weeblee, George, and Emily as they went to save Pengbro and the rest of the animals at Chocolate Island.

            Back at Chocolate Island, Cca was about to knock Weeblee’s buddies down the volcano.  This volcano was the only thing not chocolate.

         “If the goat and pig don’t show up, down you go.” announced Cca the lava alien.

       “Come on Weeblee!” hoped Pengbro has he hugged Aloraz for dear life.

        The group of four flew for an hour as the sun beated down on their heads. They finally reached Chocolate Island.

          “Release my friends at once!” commanded Weeblee.

           “We will see about that!” replied Cca.

            The following battle can only be described as one of the terrifying battles ever.  It turned out that Cca and her minions had gotten stronger from Chapter 6.  Weeblee, George, Emily, and even Big Chill were no match for the lava aliens.  Cca grabbed Weeblee and George as they would be the first animals to die in the volcano.

            “Any last words?” asked Cca.

             “No I guess not.” replied Weeblee

             Cca was happy as she released the duo as they went down in the volcano.  Big Chill saw his tree frog biscuits fall as he cried with everybody else.  This looked like the end of our heroes.

            But just then, a red fuzz ball came up out of the volcano.  He was carrying Weeblee and George.

           Cca was shocked as she fainted on the floor.  All of the buddies cheered as the red fuzz ball placed the duo down.

         “Hello everybody, I am Perry the red puffle at your service.  It is my duty to save people when Cca throws people down the volcano.”

        “Thank you so much!” Pengbro exclaimed.

       “It was nothing.” replied Perry.  Pengbro gave him a Puffle O as they started a huge party.  Everything looked great and peaceful.  Big Chill threw Cca, Bca, and Dca as they landed where the cows and Mateobeccar were standing.

       “Let me guess.  Weeblee and his pals?” asked Angel.

        “Yep!  I hate them!!” answered Cca.

        All the villains got a smile on their face as they planned to join forces. They were planning the battle of their lives.

        Who will win the biggest battle ever?  Find out in the last chapter of The Random Plot of Weeblee.

Continued to Chapter 10..

Next week is the last chapter!  Who will win?

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Newspaper 201!

Hi Bubbles here!  Newspaper 201 is here!

Newspaper 201

The Festival of Flight was a success.  Sadly, we are going down tomorrow!

Party A Success!

Lastly, here are the events!

Newspaper 201 Events

The events are the new play Underwater Adventure tomorrow, a new Snow and Sports August 28th, new Better Igloos also tomorrow, and a new pin August 28th.  So get the sandcastle at the mine now before it is gone!

That is all for now.  Underwater Adventure and new Better Igloos tomorrow!

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Gonna Stay Up

Hi Bubbles here!  I just want to say that I will be staying up late tonight to get the latest newspaper which I do every Wednesday going on Thursday.  As you can see, I am posting this because there is nothing else to post.  Thank you for your time. :mrgreen:

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Party Extended

Hi Bubbles here!  I have some important news!  The Club Penguin Team as decided to extend the Festival of Flight till August 20th!

Party Extended

It will be just in time for the new play Underwater Adventure.

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Gary Tracker

Hi Bubbles here!  A lot of you are looking for Gary, so this is the Gary Tracker:

gary tracker

Please leave a comment saying if you found him or not.  Here is some tips for finding him:

*Gary is an old blue penguin with glasses, a white lab coat, and tie.

*Gary is shy so he usually goes on medium servers like Outback or Freezer.

*Gary goes to the Pool and then up to the Tallest Mountain

*You usually see crowds around him.

Help us find Gary!

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Coming Soon: 1,000 Hits Party and Bubbles62681’s 1 Year Anniversary

Hi Bubbles here!  Just a heads up when we get 1,000 hits, I am going to have an awesome party.  So stay tuned and visit here daily so the party can happen!  It’s gonna rock!  Also coming in October, Bubbles62681 (my penguin)  will be turning 1.  I will have a party too.  So two upcoming parties.  Be there or be square!   I will have details when the parties come close.

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Festival of Flight Cheats

Hi Bubbles here!  The Festival of Flight is here and there is a lot of things to do.  First here is the non member free item.

Green Propeller Cap- Plaza

Green Propeller Cap

Here is the member item.

Jet Pack- Tallest Mountain

Jet Pack

You have to go in the forest balloon to get to the tallest mountain.  There is also a new pin!

Sand Castle Pin- Mine

Sand Castle Pin

You can also meet Gary at the pool and tallest mountain.


He is giving away the same background from last time.  I met him on Outback:

Gary at Tallest Mountain

There is so much to do at the Festival of Flight!  Have fun and soar!

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