2 hour delay

hello people of earth,
I no I havnt posted in a while but I’ve been really busy .

I just wanna talk about the two hour delay me and my brother are having because of the snow .!!.
we are having a snow day because of the 2 feet of snow we got in PA . we are excited because of the snow . but we wanted a snow day . but oh well .

soo I’ll be postingg more now . ok byee


dancegal can’t be out danced .


I did not Hack Zaeriuaschi!

hello everyone dancegal here,

and i just want to say i did not hack zaeriuaschi i woul never i dont even know how to hack. Please Zaeriuaschi dont be mad at me . . . so we did fight but me and bubbles apoligized and you should to for calling us names . . . . that is all.


dancegal can’t be out danced!!!

New penguin style catalog on Friday

Hello Penguins!
I’m not allowed to say too much right now, but on Friday I’ll be giving you a sneak peek of a brand new Club Penguin party! But there’s also more excitement coming… on Friday there’s a new clothing catalog coming out!! I got this sketch for you to see:

Don’t forget that the blue wig you decided on will be in that catalog! Check it out at the Gift Shop.

A lot of you must have been busy helping Rockhopper get the plants off of the Migrator, and now that some of those plants have started to grow, we’re excited to hear what you think! Is it fun to have them around? Are they getting in the way of snowball fights?

Until then… Waddle on!


Dancegal can’t be out danced!!!

I am Dancegal825!!

Hi everyone my name is Dancegal825 and i am now a  Admin on my brother’s site. You all probably know my brother Bubbles by now!

And some of you might remember me!!! I was at alot of your parties like Ex:Dance parties and puffle parties.

I am a girl who loves to sing and dance!!! I am on CP alot of times and now i am alot of some of your friends!!!

I am 10 years old going on 11 in august! I am bubbles younger sister and is always with him at parties!  I hope you enjoy me here with all of you!!


Dancegal can’t be out danced!!<3