2012- Chapter 1

Hey guys!! Here is Chapter 1 of 2012

The score was 9-6. Jacobs’ team was losing. It was Jacobs turn to bat, 2 outs-2 strikes- 3 men on base. The pitcher threw a fast ball. The ball and bat connected.Jacob ran and watched the ball at the same time. It went over the fence. HOME RUN!!  The score was 10- 9. At the end Jacobs’ team won.The manager called everyone for ice cream. When they went to the ice cream shop. Jacob and his friends looked outside and to ther shock they saw a huge crack going down for yards and yards.He looked at Jonathan,” What’s going on out there?”, he asked.”Beats me, maybe 2012″, Jonathan joked.”Seriously, Are you for real?” Jacob asked.

            When Jacob went home that afternoon, he saw a man looking at him across the street,”Beware”, the Man said. A bus passed by and when it went, The Man was gone. Jacob got the shivers and ran home.

        Jacob got to the front step.Something breathed into his ear. “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!”, Jacob startled. His little brother roared with laughter.”YOU LITTLE TWERP”, he yelled.J acob walked in to hear that 2012 was real.


2012 Sneak Peek!

Hey Penguins!! Here’s a sneak peek of the new book 2012!!

Beginning of a Chapter:

 Jacob woke up after the tornado shook up the city.He looked around for Elizabeth and Jonathan. It took a minute to regain his focus instead of the blackness in his eyes. Then, out of the blue a car came tumbling on Jacob. He got up quickly and ran. OH GOD,OH GOD!! , he thought.

Not giving you anymore text by the way. HEHEHE.LOL,ROFL,ROFLMAO, ETC. ETC. Big Chill2

Puffle Partaaay!!

Hello Penguins!! The Puffle Party is here!! It isnt really cool like last year,but its ok. Heres how to get the free stuff:

Picture by Jmann in ClubpenguinCP:

This is in the Plaza!

Picture by Jmann in ClubpenguinCP:

Thats in the member room(located at ski plaza)

Here is the member room(*sigh*)

My favorite room is the Yellow Puffle Room. Whats your favorite room??

Big Chill2


Penguin Planet is gone!!!!!! with wordpress adding new rules we will all be gone!!!

Big Chill2

Hello Penguins! Today I have a book like Bubbles,but theres a big difference.Also this book’s name is “The Day That Club Penguin Stood Still”.So, enjoy Chapter 1


Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End Big Chill got up by the birds singing their song every morning. ” I hope an alien isnt coming again.” He muttered to himself and then he chuckled to himself. He got his puffles food ready, Artist,Snow Flake, and Fireball. They all smiled when he gave them food. Once he got ready he went to the Coffee Shop to buy some bagels and tea. When he got to the Sport Shop to do his job he heard an explosion near the Town. When he got there he saw a completely silver and huge penguin except near his eyes where it was a red line across it. Then the SWAT team, PSA agents,CPPD, and the military came to Town armed. Then a blinding light and sound started. All electicity went out. Everyone fell to the ground covering their ears. Then it stopped, except the blinding light. Then an alien came. “HOLD FIRE!!” the general said. But then an officer shot the alien. And she fell to the ground. Then the silver penguin moved and his eyes beamed at the officers and they died. Big Chill ran to the alien and said “WE NEED A MEDIC!!”.

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Name and Nickname changed

Hello people, and heard Greenos warning and changed my first and last name to undefined. *** ******<penguin name is now to theartguy9 again


Finally summer vacation is here now i will be posting 2x of the ppsts i posts i made. Lol a tongue twister