Hey bubbles! I need permission for something. Do you mind if I put up a few widgets around the sides? Ex: My site’s widget, penglibrary widget, and emilylondons summer beach blast widget.

If you say yes i might even make u an awesome widget 😉

The hobo from down the street told me that school is for losers



Sensei Tracker

 Awesome Sensei Tracker!!

Hi Bubbles here. Thanks to Chrisdog93, here is a Sensei Tracker for June 3rd-5th.  Sensei will be at the Ninja Hideout at this time teaching new moves.  Also, this weekend, please comment telling us if you see him.

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New Site Added to Blogroll!

Hi Bubbles here!  Congrats to Mateobeccar’s awesome writing site “Penglibrary” for joining my special blogroll.  Good job!  😀 

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Hi Bubbles here!  Uh………Club Penguin and Pie rule!

Bubbles can’t be popped!! 😀



Finally summer vacation is here now i will be posting 2x of the ppsts i posts i made. Lol a tongue twister



Over and out!


I’m sorry

I haven’t been posting for a while,but I will be posti much more!!

Big Chill can’t be melted!

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